I have half a dozen websites, with maybe a thousand pages between them, which I have been throwing onto the web since 1992. This one is devoted entirely to my own writing. Welcome!

Click on the cover for more about that title. The first bunch are the traditional books, published both in paperback and in digital editions. Some I wrote, some I edited. Most are full-length, a couple are fairly short.

Since Amazon introduced its wonderful Kindle in 2007, I've also published several of my better articles and research papers in digital format. They are listed separately below. Thanks for visiting! -- Dan Ford

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 A Vision So Noble: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and America's
War on Terror Poland's Daughter When I Am Going: Growing Up in Ireland and Coming to America Lady & the Tigers The Only
War We've Got Glen Edwards The High Country 
Illuminator Incident at Muc
Wa Remains: a story of the Flying Tigers Michael's War

Shorter pieces, in e-book format only

Rising Sun Over
Burma When Sun-tzu met Clausewitz The Last Raid: How World War II ended, August 1945

The writer, the editor, the webmaster

Dan Ford in UNH Magazine

"Dan Ford is a conjurer of literary magic. In just over 195 pages, he tells a tale that is sad and funny, innocent and wise; he weaves together tragedies great and small, the many facets of love and loss, commentary on peace, war and cultural differences. And he does all that with an artist's touch, creating not just images but atmosphere, personalities, and dramatic tension.... It's an extraordinary book, highly original, gripping, at once full of joy and of sorrow." (Irene Tomaszewski, writing about Poland's Daughter in Cosmopolitan Review)

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