Tales of the Flying Tigers

‘War history as it should be written!’ — The Hook

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942

"During the dark, early days of World War II, when the Imperial Japanese army, navy, and air force were running roughshod over Asia and the Pacific, it seemed that nothing could stop them. Only a small band of American mercenary fliers based in Burma and known as the Flying Tigers, led by a leather-faced fighter named Claire Chennault, seemed able to challenge and defeat the Japanese....

"The exciting story of this legendary fighting force that wore American uniforms but Chinese insignia is told in Daniel Ford's definitive history of the legendary Flying Tigers. Every page contains a new tidbit of information and rich, long-forgotten detail." -- World War II magazine, November 2007

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I'm sorry to say that once again Flying Tigers is going out of print. That happened in 2006, when Smithsonian Books decided to hand it over to HarperCollins, which published a revised edition the following year. Now Harper is handing it back to Smithsonian Books, with the result that the e-book has vanished from the virtual shelves pretty much everywhere. (I still see it on Inktera and the Scribd.) Presumably the Harper paperback will follow when the supply runs out, and there will of course be the usual delays before a new e-book and a new print edition can be teed up.

By excellent timing, I have just published a $4.99 e-book, Tales of the Flying Tigers, an omnibus of five earlier e-books about the American Volunteer Group. Let's hope it will only be a short-term substitute for the history. Blue skies! — Dan Ford

Get the paperback

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 The HarperCollins edition is revised and updated from the Smithsonian Institution Press hardcover that won an Award of Excellence from the Aviation / Space Writers Association in 1991. It's a quality paperback, 6x9 inches, 384 pages, two maps, and many photographs and drawings. Retail price $15.95. Amazon.com usually but not always has the lowball price. The book is also available from Amazon stores in most other countries, from Barnes & Noble, and the Book Depository (free delivery worldwide). Or any bookstore will order it for you, using the ISBN 978-0061246555.

For retail price plus postage, I'll put an autographed copy in the mail for you: US Media Mail $19 or (faster, especially for Alaska and Hawaii) US Priority Mail $22. Or you can write a check.

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