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Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and
His American Volunteers, 1941-1942

"During the dark, early days of World War II, when the Imperial Japanese army, navy, and air force were running roughshod over Asia and the Pacific, it seemed that nothing could stop them. Only a small band of American mercenary fliers based in Burma and known as the Flying Tigers, led by a leather-faced fighter named Claire Chennault, seemed able to challenge and defeat the Japanese....

"The exciting story of this legendary fighting force that wore American uniforms but Chinese insignia is told in Daniel Ford's definitive history of the legendary Flying Tigers. Every page contains a new tidbit of information and rich, long-forgotten detail." -- World War II magazine, November 2007

Added to the Flying Tiger bibliography this month: "Traces of a Second American Volunteer Group: The Glenn Hagenbuch Story" and A Chinese in the A.V.G.. And three e-books dealing with the AVG: AVG Confidential (a Flying Tiger reports to the U.S. Navy); 100 Hawks for China (the story of the shark-nosed P-40 that made the Flying Tigers famous; and Rising Sun Over Burma (Flying Tigers and Wild Eagles - how Japan remembers the battle. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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"In this vivid and fact-filled historical account of aerial combat, Daniel Ford completely updates and revises his 1991 work" -- Naval War College Review, Summer 2008

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