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I have several websites, with maybe a thousand pages between them, that I've been throwing onto the web since 1992. This one is devoted to my own books. Welcome!

Click on the cover image for more about a title. The first bunch are the traditional books, published both in paperback and in digital editions, first the non-fiction, then the novels. Since Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007 and brought ebooks into our lives, I've also published digital versions of some articles and research papers too short to stand alone in print. They're listed next.

Most recently: Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and his American Volunteers was revised and updated in May. The source notes have been updated as well, and a hardcover edition has been added for those who like a more robust binding.

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 Looking Back From Ninety: The Depression, the War, and the Good Life That
Followed Cowboy: The Interpreter Who Became a Soldier, a Warlord, and One More
Victim of Our War in Vietnam Tales of the Flying Tigers A Vision So Noble: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and America's
War on Terror Poland's Daughter The Only
War We've Got Glen Edwards Lady & the Tigers


Now Comes Theodora Incident at Muc
Wa The High Country 
Illuminator Remains: a story of the Flying Tigers Michael's War

Short pieces, only as e-books

When Sun-tzu met 
Clausewitz The Last Raid: How World War II ended, August 1945 A Death in the Forest Carrying a Nuke to
Sevastopol A Rebel in the County Cork, 1905-1923 The Sorry Saga of the Brewster Buffalo Taildragger Tales Remembering Bluie West One

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Dan Ford in UNH Magazine

"Dan Ford is a conjurer of literary magic. In just over 195 pages, he tells a tale that is sad and funny, innocent and wise; he weaves together tragedies great and small, the many facets of love and loss, commentary on peace, war and cultural differences. And he does all that with an artist's touch, creating not just images but atmosphere, personalities, and dramatic tension.... It's an extraordinary book, highly original, gripping, at once full of joy and of sorrow." (Irene Tomaszewski, writing about Poland's Daughter in Cosmopolitan Review)

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Flying Tigers
revised and updated

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