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I'll accept a check written on a U.S. bank if it's printed with the address where I'm sending the books. I'll also take a U.S. dollar cashier's check (the kind you buy at the teller's window, with the bank as the payer) or a postal or commercial money order.

The book goes by Priority Mail. US addresses only!

Print this page, add your mailing address, check off the books you want, add $6 postage,
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Daniel Ford, 433 Bay Road, Durham NH 03824

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Cowboy: Interpreter, Soldier, Warlord, One More Victim of Vietnam $ 11
The Greater America (by Ralph Paine) $ 13
Tales of the Flying Tigers: Five Short Books About the AVG $ 13
Poland's Daughter: Love, War, and Exile $ 15
When I Am Going: Ireland to America, 1901-1927 (by Anne Crowley Ford) $ 10
A Vision So Noble: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and the War on Terror $ 11
The Lady and the Tigers (by Olga Greenlaw)$ 13
Remains: A Story of the Flying Tigers$ 13
Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers$ 16
The Only War We've Got: Early Days in South Vietnam$ 13
Incident at Muc Wa: A Story of War in South Vietnam$ 13
Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot$ 13
Michael's War: A Story of the Irish Republican Army$ 13
The Country Northward: A Hiker's Journal $ 13
The High Country Illuminator: The Ski Bums of Avalon $ 11