Looking Back From Ninety: The Depression, the War, and the Good Life That Followed

Looking Back From Ninety cover A remarkable memoir of growing up poor during the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the prosperity that followed. Dan Ford was the first member of his family to go to college, working his way while scoring the occasional scholarship. There followed four years in Europe as a student, vagabond, soldier, and newspaperman, then a hard patch while he struggled to establish himself as a free-lance writer. These were, he recalls, America's golden years, from triumph in one war to humiliation in another, 1945-1975. Now, in his 90th year, he has chronicled a life story that could have happened only in America.

Looking Back From Ninety will be published on November 2, 2021. The ebook is available for pre-order now at major online booksellers:

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The photo album

Looking Back From Ninety has a photo or two in almost every chapter, but there are others that didn't quite make the cut. I'll post some of the out-takes here.

The Gatehouse in the 1930s

The Gatehouse at the Damon Place about 1938. Kitchen to the left of the front door, living room in the middle, and Joe's and my bedroom to the right. As with many country houses, the door opens to a mudroom, which also kept the cold from blowing through the living room, but we always entered by the kitchen door.

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The Only War We've Got

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