I am well supplied with copies of the HarperCollins edition, "updated and revised" in 2007. The list price was $15.99. I'll send an autographed copy for half price plus postage to your U.S. mail address. That comes to:

  • $11 by Media Mail.

  • $14 by Priority Mail.

    PayPal rolls your credit card (or debits your PayPal account if you have one). I put the book in the mail, usually the same day if I'm not out of town, in which case I'll email you if I can. If you want the book signed to somebody in particular, send me at email at the address below:

    writer AT danford DOT net

    Or heck, mail me a check with your address printed on it ($11 by Media Mail, $14 by Priority Mail) to my office address:

    Daniel Ford
    Warbird Books
    433 Bay Road
    Durham NH 03824

    U.S. address only, please. Blue skies — Daniel Ford

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