"the high-flying history of a group of American aviators who took to the skies over southeast Asia in 1941 to challenge the seemingly unstoppable military might of the Japanese empire.... Lured by promises of high pay and bounties by the beleaguered Chinese government, the rough-and-tumble Americans flew with guts and bravado and, though nearly always outnumbered and under-supplied, downed more than 100 Japanese planes from 1941 through 1942." -- Jeff Jellets on Amazon.com

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942

A revised and updated edition of the prize-winning history of the AVG, earlier published in hardcover by Smithsonian Institution Press (1991) and in paperback by HarperCollins (2007). This 2023 Warbird Books edition includes much new material. 6x9 inches, 340 pages, with black-white photos and maps.

$9.95 ebook - $15.95 paperback - $24.95 hardcover

Blue skies! — Daniel Ford

What the reviewers said
Notes and Sources
A Flying Tigers bibliography
The Order of Battle - tables and maps
Warplanes of Burma and China
100 Fair Pilots plus 10
AVG victory credits, in the air and on the ground
Chris Shores on the subject of AVG victory claims
Chennault and the US military, 1917-1958
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